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    What is the warranty of the machine?
    For the machine,we have 1 year warranty. If any quality problems occurred under normal condition in this period,we will take on the cost of maintenance and replacement and other related cost.
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    How to operate and maintain the machine?
    First, we will provide a professional and detailed USER GUIDE to you with the machine; Second, we will debug the machine in the best status for you; At last, we can provide professional engineer to your factory to help you install and test the machine and train your workers. 
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    How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine?
    Actually, we will replace it for free when wear out in warranty period; Out of the warranty time, you can buy it from us with favorable price or from other place near you, most of our accessories and wearing parts are standard for you. 
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    Why should I choose your machine?
    1.we have 31 yeas experiences in manufacturing paper making machine.
    2.We managed to achieve high technological advancement of our production line.
    3.You can compare the technical parameter of our machines with other supplier’s equipment, and you’ll discover that the technological advancement and the price of our machine is very competitive.
    Spare parts of our machines are produced using CNC and computerized numerical control with high precision, it make the machine serve longer and more stable under high-running.