• FY-M Handkerchief making machine
  • FY-M Handkerchief making machine

FY-M Handkerchief Making Machine

Machine Model: JX—M

Finished Size: 190x190—460x460

Paper Size: ≤φ1200

Folding Rate: 0—700 Sheets / minute

Host Power: 1.5kw

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JX-M adopts vacuum suction folding method to Produce small-sized and easy-carried tissues after embossing, cutting and auto-folding. The machine has the features of stable operation, order folding and fast speed, with tissue length adjustable between 68-110mm. 

Machine Model JX—M
Finished Size 190x190—460x460
Dimensions Folded Shape 100x100—230x230±2
Adjustable width
Paper Size ≤φ1200
Folding Rate 0—700 Sheets / minute
Host Power 1.5kw
Vacuum System 3kw
Embossing Roller End Steel to rubber , Steel on steel (subscription required)
Dimensions 3350x880x1250
Weight 980kg