• High Speed Napkin Paper Making Machine

FY-A High Speed Napkin Paper Making Machine

Machine Mode: FY-A

Paper Size: ≤φ1200

Embossing Roller end: Cots,wool roll

Power: 4KW

Weight: 890KG-1200KG

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Description : Used to embossing, folding and counting and cut into square napkin paper, automatic embossing and folding, no need human folding, custom-made different pattern, suitable for family production with low noisy and high speed. 
Machine Mode FY-A
Finished Size 190*190—460*460
Dimensions folded shape 100*100—230*230
Adjustable Width
Paper Size ≤φ1200
The Original Core inner dia Standard(Other size are available)
Embossing Roller end Cots,wool roll
Counting System Electronic Counting
Power 4KW
Dimensions 3200*1000*1800mm
Weight 890KG-1200KG
Speed 0~800Sheets/minute
Use of power Frequency Control
Transmission #6 Chain