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  • Double disc refiner

Double Disc Refiner

ZKP11C-380 Millstone diametre(mm): 380

ZKP11C-380 Capacity(t/d): 10-30

ZKP11C-380 Consistency: 2%-5%

ZKP11C-380 Pressure(Mpa): 2

ZKP11C-380 Motor and power KW : Y250M-6-37KW

ZKP11C-380 Weight of mainframe: 900

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It is available for continuous beating of chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp and waste paper pulp. This machine is of the following merits: high productivity, low power consumption and so on, and it is the most ideal pulp making equipment currently.  
Type ZKP11C-380 ZKP11C-450 ZKP11C-500
Millstone diametre(mm)  380 450 500
 Capacity(t/d) 10-30 10-50 20-60
Consistency 2%-5% 2%-5% 2%-5%
Pressure(Mpa)  2 2 2
Motor and power KW  Y250M-6-37KW Y315S-6-75KW Y250M1-6-90KW Y250M-6-90KW Y250M-6-110KW
 Weight of mainframe 900 1100 2000