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  • High consistency hydrapulper
  • High consistency hydrapulper

High Consistency Hydrapulper

Volume: 1-10 m3

Form: Continuous mode

Speed: 576s/min 576 revs per min

Plup consistency: 2-5%

Nominal output: 10-20 t/d 10-20 t/d

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The equipment has the rotor with many spiral leaf blades ,the pulp density can reach over 14%, The running machine may bring the huge textile fiber friction force that pulpflow from down to top and up to down with. The thick liquid qualityis even. specially when uses in deinking thick liquid, under the friction of the highly concentrated paper pulp fibre force through the chemicals function, which can take off the printing ink effective rapidly from the fiber surface. It is the importance equipment to process the each waste paper and deinking pulp. 
Volume 1-10 m3
Form  Continuous mode
Speed 576s/min 576 revs per min
 Plup consistency 2-5%
 Nominal output 10-20 t/d 10-20 t/d