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  • Spherical Boiler

Spherical Boiler

Volume: 25 m3

Diameter: 3650 mm

Design pressure: 0.88 Mpa

Design temperature: 200 ℃

Water Pressure Resistance: 1.26 Mpa

Max pressure: 0.8 Mpa

Rotation speed: 0.48 r/m

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It is used to boiling the raw materail after the raw materail be cut into strip suit for cooking,mostly use for chemical pulp making. 
Volume 25 m3
Diameter 3650 mm
Design pressure 0.88 Mpa
Design temperature 200 ℃
Water Pressure Resistance 1.26 Mpa
Max pressure 0.8 Mpa
Rotation speed 0.48 r/m