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  • Fibres separator

Fibres Separator

ZDF1 Capacityt/d: 20-25

ZDF1 Consistency% : 3-4

ZDF1 Pressure of inflow pulpMpa : 0.12-0.3

ZDF1 Powerkw : 30

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Fiber separator is a pulp screening equipment,which uses the proportion between fiber and impurities to get rid of all kinds of waste paper Impurities with separation ,choosing combination and relief.The machine has three elementary functions such as,the second relief ,light impurity separation, cleaning out the heavy rough waste materials .outfitting the flow of fiber separator,the inferior waste paper will be used .which can reduce the pretreatment process,increase the hydraulic pulper production capacity. 
model ZDF1 ZDF2 ZDF3 ZDF4
Capacityt/d 20-25 20-40 80-100 100-150
Consistency%  3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4
Pressure of inflow pulpMpa  0.12-0.3 0.12-0.3 0.12-0.3 0.12-0.3
Powerkw  30 37 55 75