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  • Up-Flow Pressurized Screen

Up-Flow Pressurized Screen

ZSL4-1 Diaof screen holemm : 1.1-5

ZSL4-1 Screen aream2 : 0.3

ZSL4-1 Consistency of input pulp%: In 0.8% Out 1.5%

ZSL4-1 Capacityt/d : 15-30

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Widely used in all kinds of rough picking of pulp, choiceness and paper machine screen, belongs to outflow screen. Due to its unique upflow structure and distributary design of light-heavy impurities, which has the specially good effect to hold up and move out. So this machine is particularly applicable for the waste book that is sensitive to pectin to regeneration pulp screening of deinking paper and tissue. Also that is the ideal choiceness equipment for renewable newsprint and other waste paper pulping, chemical pulping. 
Model ZSL4-1 ZSL4-2 ZSL4-3 ZSL4-4
Diaof screen holemm  1.1-5 1.1-5 1.1-5 1.1-5
Screen aream2  0.3 0.6 0.8 1.2
Consistency of input pulp%  In 0.8% Out 1.5% In 0.8% Out 1.5% In 0.8% Out 1.5% In 0.8% Out 1.5%
Capacityt/d  15-30 30-60 40-80 90-180