• bar screen machine
  • bar screen machine
  • bar screen machine

Bar Screen Machine

FY-300 Installation Angle: 60-75°

FY-300 Motor power kw: 0.75

FY-300 Water flow (T/h): 405

FY-300 Machine width Mm: 880

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Grille decontamination machine,in the front of the sewage treatment process, interception,remove all kinds of solid particles,floats,etc.To run the follow-up processing.It is municipal sewage and industrial wastewater, such as textile, papermaking,etc in the process to block the dirt,slag of key equipment.It is a widely applicable scope decontamination equipment. 
Model FY-300 FY-500 FY-800 FY-1000 FY-1200
Installation Angle 60-75° 60-75° 60-75° 60-75° 60-75°
Motor power kw 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Water flow (T/h) 405 1125 3600 4500 6300
Machine width Mm 880 1080 1380 1580 1780